Workshop: Make Retirement Work for You


Workshop with Hilary Henderson

  • 6% of South Africans have sufficient retirement capital to be able to maintain their current lifestyle when they retire. That leaves 94% having to either drastically cut their expenditure, or find a way to supplement their income.
  • Grey divorce (55+) is the only category of divorce that is on the rise. Are marriages struggling to survive the retirement hump?  Or is it the stress of being a member of the ‘sandwich generation’?
  • About a third of workers experience a negative impact on their well-being once they stop working.
  • The worker in the pre-retirement phase, who is struggling to balance full-time work with planning for the transition to retirement, can experience ambiguity, stress and early signs of burn-out, which negatively affects their productivity.
  • Depression and even suicide are becoming factors in the failure to adjust to retirement.


Transitioning to retirement can be a very stressful time, second only to that of leaving school and starting a new career.  What plans are you making to ensure you transition smoothly? If you are already retired, is it what you expected and what changes can you make to improve your experience?

If these issues resonate with you, why not join us on Wednesday 8th May for a workshop to help you transition to retirement and guide you to find ways to make your retirement more meaningful.



In the workshop we will look at:

  • What does the word retirement mean and is it still relevant in the 21st Century?
  • Do we still experience a transition in our 60’s, even if we do not stop working?
  • Where can we look to replace the structure that work provided in our lives?
  • How do we find a reason for getting out of bed with enthusiasm each morning?
  • Finding the relevance, meaning and purpose in our retirement.

Date:                     8th May, 2019  (Yes, it is Election day, so let’s use the holiday constructively!)

Time:                    10h00 – 13h00 (You can vote before or after!)

Investment:          R450, which includes tea, coffee and a Workbook.

Venue:                  Mossop Hall, cnr Roseberry and Cheltenham  Roads, MOWBRAY

You can reserve your place by emailing and payment details will be sent to you by return email.

 About the Facilitator:

On my 60th birthday, I found myself unexpectedly retired.  I had no plan, as I assumed I was only going to retire at 65.  As I have struggled to put my life back together again I have learned much about what it means to retire and enter Act 3 of my life.   I trained initially as an Occupational Therapist but spent most of my working years as an entrepreneur, and bring to coaching the wisdom and perspective that I have gained along the way.

 Retirement Coaching?

In addition to running workshops such as this one, Hilary works as a retirement mentor/coach, taking pre-retirees through a process to facilitate a smooth transition out of work, by helping them decide what they want to do with their retirement – be it simply relaxing, working to supplement their retirement income or anything in between.  It starts with how we see retirement. Is it the beginning of the slippery slope to old age, or is it a third that we can make the most of? As we get older many feel the need to leave a legacy, make a contribution that will make our stay on earth more meaningful.