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Without working through the process of outlining how you really would like your retirement to look, this book will simply become another ‘self-help’ relegated to the bookshelf to gather dust.

You may flick through it, like some of the ideas, but without really doing some serious soul-searching for what will give you a reason to get up the in morning once you are retired, these will remain ideas.

Download the workbook now.  You can save it and fill in the details on your computer, OR you can print it and fill it in manually.  (It is OK, as Boomers, we are still allowed to prefer that method!)

As you read through the book, keep the workbook readily accessible and you can make notes, make lists, answer the questions and when you reach the end of the book, you will have your retirement plan pretty much outlined.  You can add to the lists as things pop into your mind later and this will add depth and purpose.

If you have been holding off, hoping that retirement would sort itself out, this is the time where you get to realize that what you make of your retirement is what you put into it. 


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