This morning I was trawling Youtube for interesting material relating to retirement, to put on my facebook page. I came across this video with two financial planners talking on retirement lifestyle planning! They made light of the lifestyle aspect and when they got to the financial planning they were great! Am I stereotyping when I am critical that these young finance guys in their suits rapped on about volunteering or doing hobbies in retirement? I personally cannot afford to stop working and bringing in income, how many of you can?
That is why I am writing a book all about working in retirement. I have a 50% chance of living to 100; that is 36 years from now! I don’t want to stop working and I cannot afford to! My book is going to look at the different ways in which we can tackle work when we finish our full-time careers, whatever the age. The biggest shift is that we are no longer working to save money for retirement, but we are now working to supplement our retirement Income. This is as subtle as the two ladies in this image:

Do you see the old lady with a bonnet, or the young one with a feather in her hair?

If you see retirement as a transition to old age, then you realise it is not in itself, the end of the road. Therefore we need to make something of it! Hey at 64 I am certainly not ready to sit in front of the TV all day knitting, or even to hike my beloved Table Mountain 7 days a week. Even if I did not need money to enable my lifestyle, I would still be wanting to work to validate myself and my existence. Work is also one of the easiest ways to give our lives balance, structure, routine and a sense of belonging.
I am not by any stretch of the imagination working a 40 hour week, nor am I raking in thousands of rands – not yet, anyway!! But I have a routine, albeit a flexible one, and I have an identity as a retirement coach. I am also having fun!
As a retirement coach I can help you to find the fun in your retirement!!

Best wishes