football-297491__180[1]New years resolutions are usually set in the excitement of the moment, some time around the end of the old year or early on into the new year.  We convince ourselves that we are resolved to achieve them, but somehow around the middle of January we look back and nothing has changed.

Setting a new years resolution is a similar process to setting a goal – so let’s look at what makes a good goal.  In the coaching process I use SMARTIE goals.  Let’s unpack it:

S – stands for Specific – we need to be specific about what it is we want to change or attain.  Vague, fluffy goals or resolutions do not make for easy achievement

M – if we cannot measure our progress, we become disheartened.  If we do not know whether there is change or not, how do we pat ourselves on the back and feel good about our achievements

A – it must be achievable.  Setting a goal or resolution that is way out of our reach is the easiest way to leave us disinterested, and disheartened

R – we need to contract with ourselves to take responsibility for the goal we have set or the change we want to make

T– we need to set a time frame – simply putting it on the back burner is a recipe for non-achievement.  For new years resolutions most of us imagine it is for the time span of the year ahead, but that is vague, and perhaps too long and drawn out for us to feel we are achieving something

I – stands for Inspiring.  If we are not inspired about what we want to achieve how can we be expected to feel motivated about achieving it?

E – refers to the emotion behind it.  To feel passionate about the change we want to make means we want it from our heart and soul and it is much easier to attain if we feel it at this deep emotional level.

Now take a moment to look at your 2016 new years resolutions and see if they meet these criteria.

Sometimes they need just a little tweak here and there, and sometimes we need to completely revamp them.  If you are really serious about your new years resolutions then you need to make sure they are SMARTIE resolutions.

GOOD LUCK!  If you need any help, let me know.