Wow these are interesting times, aren’t they?  I have been home alone for 47 days with brief, rather frightening trips to the supermarkets which seem, in Cape Town, to be hot-beds of the corona virus!  Then, at last we are allowed out to walk the dogs from 6-9 am, but as the sun only rises at 7h00 in Cape Town, for safety we miss the first hour of freedom and it all becomes a bit of a frenzied rush to beat the crowds.

I have been focussing on bringing my thoughts back to the present and putting my trust in the future rolling out in the best way possible.  Not an easy task, but it is proving rewarding because on the whole I am more relaxed.  I had a little outburst last week when I got caught up in anxiety about the future and my anger and frustration at being locked down came out to bang me on the head.

Life has become more exciting now that I am involved with an initiative bringing a taste of coaching to an online platform.  Spearheaded by the Valueneurs coaching platform where I am a Mentor Coach, we are offering weekly, Free workshops called “Helping You to Help Yourself”. (Check out the details).  It certainly has helped bring me out of myself to have something to prepare for and look forward to each week.  In a few weeks I will be presenting an exercise aimed at helping those who are coming up for Retirement or Retrenchment.  They are not that different when you take a closer look.

Another thing that has come out of this time of introspection for me is the need for focus my vision and my goals.  Spending time in a quiet space on a regular basis, cutting out the mind-chatter and fleecing out the specific details of how I want my life to look going forward has somehow put my life into gear and suddenly it is moving forward again and for this I am truly grateful.  As the saying goes, “Where Attention goes, Energy Flows.”  Many of us are caught up in a spiral of negative chattering in our heads, which is bringing ever more negativity into our lives.

Sorry if I sound too philosophical – that is what isolation does.   I hope somewhere through my musings you are able to glean something that will help you get your life back on track.

Stay well and focus your attention,