It seems the whole world is now geared up and tackling 2020, so perhaps I should too.  Somehow because I work for myself I never really take a total break, but it was lovely to have a break from writing, both this blog and the one I do for the 60&me website.

Many are promising big things for 2020.  Are you standing in that line?   I most certainly am.  Though I have still not had any offers to purchase my house in the city, I have engaged builders in the country and secured a house to rent right next door to my building site.  So, I have big changes looming on my horizon.  There have also been some exciting leads in my coaching practice, and I am really excited about heading into 2020.

For most coaches, this is the time for helping their clients set goals and decide what they want to achieve this year.   Do you have any plans for transforming your retirement or your ideas about retirement?  Maybe I am not a good example because it looks as though I am turning my life completely on its head, but this comes after 5 years of edging forward step by step, which is why it does not feel to me like I am tumbling down the rabbit hole as Alice did.  For those who have not been following my developments closely, it may appear sudden, but my years of hard work and changing my thinking are now paying off.

I had a client a couple of years back who came to me because she was dissatisfied with her current circumstances.  She made some big and bold decisions and at times her family were horrified.  In fact, the one daughter cut her off completely saying she had a mental problem.  But slowly and steadily she worked toward achieving her goal.  This Christmas she messaged me to say she has achieved her move to the UK and initiated the process of becoming a foster mother in the social security system, and was spending Christmas with her daughter who had previously cut her off.  My message is, do not lose sight of your end goal, keep focussed and keep moving forward.  I don’t promise it will be smoothe, but like sailing across the ocean, if you know where you are headed, you can reach it.

Do you have any plans for 2020, or even further into the future?  It is not about expecting things to change overnight, it is about breaking the process into small actionable steps.  If we try to eat the elephant in one meal we won’t finish it, we need to break it into small, easy-to-eat meals!

If you are struggling to see the way forward, please contact me for a free, no-obligation chat.

Best wishes for the year ahead