“I was so proud to tell everyone at my retirement party that I had life coaching with you to help me adjust positively to my pending retirement.  This was so well received by all present.”


“Our conversations have helped me to begin this life-cycle transition towards retirement, and encouraged me to move beyond my comfort zone and take on the new challenges that come from trusting the process and living with uncertainty. I am truly grateful for your insights, friendship and expertise.”


“When I found Hilary, I was totally overwhelmed by personal + business deadlines + responsibilities. I was exhausted, had difficulty prioritising and was delegating very poorly. Within a few sessions, it was clear that I had a clear-minded ally on my side.

Hilary was able to assist me to disentangle the threads of my life and find a way forward. She guided me towards putting essential systems + procedures in place to help manage my life more effectively on a day to day basis.

Hilary also helped me listen more carefully to my inner voice when undertaking new work or assessing a situation. I approach my life in a more measured + confident manner. For this I am very grateful. I recommend Hilary highly.”

N Bieldt


“Hilary Henderson took me through 15 sessions of coaching in 2015/2016.

My reasons for undertaking a coaching exercise were multiple. One of the prime reasons was to help me get through the practical and theoretical work required for a qualification I was busy with. Hilary was extremely good at helping me break the workload up into manageable pieces and the ultimate outcome was that I did, indeed complete all requirements and pass the exam, on time. I have no doubt that Hilary’s coaching was very instrumental in this positive outcome.

Hilary also helped me explore the underlying roots of some of my self-identified growth areas in my life, and helped me work out myself how to move forward in those areas.

Hilary is a wonderful combination of the professional and the empathetic, and I would highly recommend her to anyone at a crossroads in life, anyone needing help reaching goals, or anyone just wanting to understand where their goals could be and where life could be made richer.”

J Cooper