This is something I know all about. When I started my Guest House in 1993 I was all alone. A friend’s mother had suggested it was a good industry to match my talents, and yes it was! First the renovating of the house and all those endless decisions about where the baths should go and what light fittings would be suitable. This was then followed by curtains, carpeting, bed configurations etc. Decisions, decisions, and being single with no partner I had to make them all on my own!! What would I have done to have had a coach to keep me goal-directed and focused on getting the business up and running?

Now I am doing it again – this time setting up my Life Coaching practice. This time I have my Coach – my mentor, Alana. What a difference it has made. My initial goal was to get myself qualified as a coach – I didn’t make it in the 6 months we scheduled – but I was able to see that the delays were beyond my control. This is something I would have been really hard on myself about, in the past!! A Coach is not there to advise, but her role is to guide and focus your thinking and your actions. So if you are starting out, or even thinking of moving your business to the next level – why not try a Coach?