I have neglected my blog recently because I have been working on some articles for the “You’ve Earned It” site that you might be interested in viewing.  Here’s the link to the first one: http://youve-earned-it.co.za/retirement/retirement-time-to-stop-living-at-work-and-to-work-at-living/.  In this article I take a look at 8 areas of your life which may be affected by retirement.  These 8 areas form the foundation of my coaching workshops . I invite you to visit the site http://youve-earned-it.co.za for more interesting articles aimed at senior citizens, as well as some wonderful discounts for the over 60’s.  If you visit the site you can also enter the competition to win one of the copies of my book “7 Questions to answer before you turn 65” – hurry because the competition closes tomorrow, 22nd April.