I landed on this blog today.  What really resonated with me is the positive attitude the author Rob Lowry has towards retirement.  I have been so bogged down in reading and writing about Retirement planning do’s and don’ts that I have perhaps lost the excitement that is enjoying your retirement and this blog brought me back to how wonderful it can be when we get it right. I have given you a taste of what he has to say here….

 “Let me give you a few glimpses of what I have found retirement is really like.  I’ve been on this journey for over 14 years so I have probably faced several of the questions and issues that concern you.  I have gone through the death of both my parents.  I have survived the collapse of my business.  I have had a heart attack.  It may have been minor, but trust me, it hurt and was very scary.  I have downsized, then downsized again.  I have lost my passion and direction more than once.

Yet, even without all that, this phase of my life has been the most fulfilling, exciting, growth-filled, and satisfying of any part of my 66 years on earth so far.  I have freedoms I could have only dreamed about while working and travelling 100,000 miles a year.  My creative life has become more satisfying.  I have written two books and host this blog.  I have a marriage that is so much better than before I retired.  I am financially weathering everything the world can throw at me.

Retirement is not what it was for your parents or grandparents.  That is absolutely true. The world and how it operates have likely changed forever.  But, the exciting new is that so have we.  I don’t know a single retirement age man or woman who wants to spend 5 hours a day, every day, on a golf course, or sitting in an easy chair watching TV.  I don’t know anyone anticipating retirement who believes that their welfare is so secured by their former employer or the government that they will have zero financial worries in the future.

Retirement is an outdated word that can’t possibly capture all of the opportunities and options you face.  It implies you will no longer work. That is not true.  Even if you never start receiving a paycheck again, or reap the rewards of your own business or enterprise, you will work…..at something you love.”

You can find the full blog on satisfyingretirement.blogspot.co.za and scroll down to the 15th October for “The real truth about retirement living”.  Let me know what you think???