Many people work their whole lives through, slogging away, so that one day they can retire.  They focus on putting money aside for a pension, they focus on when they can retire,  but they leave what happens once they retire, to fate!

Retirement is maybe the last major change one makes, apart from moving into a retirement village or old age home.  But while we are on the treadmill of working, we do not think about planning for those days ahead. “ Oh, I will just carry on working till I die….”  Reality is that, unless you own your own company, these days, in many cases you simply cannot carry on working beyond the age of 65.  Yes, you can offer your services as a mentor, or volunteer to assist with an NGO or struggling young entrepeneur, or even consult in your own firm – but this all requires planning.   These kinds of plans do not simply fall into place of their own accord.

The day after the big send-off, reality starts to hit home.  Yes, you may be able to stave it off for a month or two while you and your partner go on a lovely holiday, and yes the study at home deserves a good make-over – but those are simply procrastinations.  Eventually the day will come when you lie in bed and say “why should I get up today??”  In extreme cases this lack of purpose can feed into a depression, but more often it becomes a pervasive sense of worthlessness.  What can I offer??  I am too old to be needed!  Sure, you may have a hobby like woodwork or knitting – but they don’t always upscale automatically to become 40 hour-week time-fillers.

Signing up with a coach, BEFORE you retire, so you have time to draw up some goals and plan it all  – is time well spent, enabling you to make the transition from working full time to retirement, seamlessly.  Think about it – and plan accordingly.