One of the articles I read when writing my book talked about the binary division of our day to day lives into “work” and “non-work”.  I really liked that phrase, it so clearly describes the life I lived when I was working full time.  The “non-work” in some cases when I was starting my own business dwindled to watching TV to fall asleep before going to bed! There was simply no balance!

The definition of ‘Retirement’ on Wikipedia restricts itself to the stage of life when we stop work.  Retirement is about so much more than just stopping work – for many of us, it is the LAST THIRD of one’s life.  This is why it is so important to see it as an “Opportunity”, rather than a “Burden”.   Few   people put aside the time to really plan for these years, and many simply drift through it.  Have you ever sat back and thought – ‘Retirement will be my last chance to work through my bucket list!’  If you don’t make use of the opportunity given to you, you will land up facing your maker with your bucket list still in your hand!

The forces that are forcing us to change our attitudes to retirement, such as dwindling pension funds, volatile financial markets, high unemployment, reduced medical aid subsidies for retired persons, are like a wave that is unstoppable.  This is why it is becoming so important to plan, prepare and adapt.  I did also read that some people feel Retirement coaches are climbing on the bandwagon, but think about it, how many people do you know who have actually sat down and mapped out a comprehensive  plan for how they are going to tackle Retirement?  We may think about it, but do we actually do it?  A Life coach is someone who can hold you accountable for your planning.