Growing old is not for sissy's, growing old alone is lonely

Growing old is not for sissy’s, but growing       old alone is lonely

Last week I was chatting to a friend about my decision to coach for Retirement. He suggested I find a punchy elevator pitch and together we came up with the following:
I help people prepare for the 50 shades of grey!!”

That is essentially what preparing for the changes that retirement bring, is all about. Looking for suitable u-tube video’s to share with you, the readers of my blogs, I heard a retirement specialist say “ people spend more time preparing for a two week holiday than they do retirement.”  So true!!
Two years ago I broke my ankle and I couldn’t drive, so I spent many evenings at home thinking about Life. (I couldn’t even carry a cup of coffee to a comfy spot on crutches!!) I decided then and there that, as I live on my own, I am going to move to a retirement village when I turn 70! I learned through the experience of greatly reduced independence that I do not want to continue to live on my own as my physical independence dwindles, I am going to move into a community where the load can be shared or delegated! These days if you do not put your name down at a retirement village BEFORE you turn 55 you have lost out!!! That is why we need to start planning in good time!!