Sorry, this newsletter comes a few days later than usual, but I have been BUSY moving to my new (retirement) location.  I have spoken in previous newsletters about my plans to move to the country, live more sustainably and become part of a small village community.  Well, the process has now finally begun.

This past Saturday I moved all my possessions to a rental property directly behind the plot where I am building.  Moving under partial lockdown has not been simple, that I can assure you, but I am now more or less settled.  I thought I had already decluttered dramatically, but now all my “stuff” is here I realise I am not yet finished.  I have yet to work out how to meet people and make new friends under lockdown conditions.

As my life is in a bit of chaos I thought I would take the liberty of by-passing the normal newsletter format and introduce you to a coaching concept I have been part of for the past 8 weeks.  A group of us who offer coaching via an online platform have been delivering FREE Webinars titled “Helpingyou2helpyourself”.  Each week one of the coaches introduces a self-awareness tool and then there is an opportunity for attendees to discuss the tool as it pertains to their lives in a smaller group, facilitated by one of the coaches.

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There is a thread running through the topics that we have covered thus far, but it is not necessary to have attended past workshops to understand the process.

Here is the invitation to Monday’s meeting.  Now that people are headed back to work there is a plan to move the workshops to Sunday late afternoon, but will let you know if and when that happens.

Hope to see some of you there.