Nu Horizons Coaching


The Power of Coaching

I have chosen to focus on the transition to retirement.  With the Nu Horizons Life Coaching Program we will walk the journey together to equip you with skills to move from where you are, to where you want to be.  I will assist you to make the transition to retirement

Are you preparing for retirement?  Are you already retired and finding you lack direction or purpose?  Or you are simply struggling to adjust to the lack of structure and routine?  Many people spend more time planning for their next holiday than they do for retirement, and thanks to medical science many of us will live to 100.  Are you ready?

My Coaching is based on the New Insights Africa program.  This program utilises specific tools and scientifically tested techniques that have been proven over and over again to work!  The program has been implemented successfully internationally for over 10 years.


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The Process

  • We will meet fortnightly, for approximately one hour, either in person, or online.
  • The first session is FREE so we can confirm we are on the same page with regard to expectations.
  • We will kick start a rolling action that will build your confidence, be exciting and inspirational.
  • I also offer a program for groups of 4 to 12 people.


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