Did I say that reinventing yourself for retirement is easy?  Well if I did, I sure don’t think I meant it.   Last week was one of those weeks where I came to realise that starting out again is definitely  NOT easy.

I have learned over the years, however, not to look at events as failures, but rather as opportunities for learning.  Wednesday was to have been my debut into the world of live webinars with the plan to launch my online course titled “Make Retirement Work for You”.  Well, it bombed spectacularly – down at the southern tip of Africa our upload speeds on the internet are not adequate to run these wonderful American platforms that automate and simplify the whole process.

So what were my learnings? I was lucky that I was still on a $1 trial for the webinar platform and had not yet forked out nearly $500 to buy it!  Whew!  Then sitting there talking to a screen that had my presentation on it, with very little contact with the people online, was a weird experience for a life coach.  Hey, we like to deal with real people and not computer screens where all we can see is ourselves!  The 4 people that I had on the webinar were very understanding and for that, I will be eternally grateful.

On the positive side,  I now have the material ready for my course, and will spend the next couple of weeks putting it into a format that facilitates the process of working through the exercises on your own, devising your own plan for retirement.  I will offering an option to apply for a live session with me to tie up loose ends.  Watch this space as I will let you know when it is ready to launch.

I returned to a favourite saying that I use in the picture above:

I cannot change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.”   

Nowhere does it say there will NOT be strong winds and some might blow me off course.  But, it does imply that I can make the choice to adjust my sail,  and get myself back on course to reach my destination.  It does however, require the wisdom to make that choice as well as take action.   That is what I am doing – I have decided to re-format my material for an online course, rather than live webinars.    If you have difficulty with the technological jargon – this means I will not be live online, but will make recordings in advance and you can then work through the material at your own pace.

Watch this space…..

Best wishes,