It is a public holiday here in South Africa and I don’t really want to spend the day at my computer, so I am going to throw it out to you, my readers!!   I was triggered by something I watched yesterday on the Sixty&Me site, into remembering a coaching exercise I haven’t used in a while!  It is called ”My Perfect Retirement Day.”

Find a piece of paper and a quiet space to do some imagining.  Now I want you to write, in detail, how your ideal retirement day would look.  Don’t get stuck in reality, let your mind really travel sideways!!  Start with how you would get out of bed, where and when you would have breakfast, through lunch and the afternoon to the evening, ending with when you would go to bed.  A very simple exercise,  and if you let your imagination run away, you won’t find it hard at all.

Now take 3 different coloured pens.  With pen No.1, I want you to draw a circle around everything you already do.  With pen No. 2 draw a circle around everything that you can easily achieve.  Pen No. 3 encircles the things that are fantasy, like breakfast in Paris and lunch in Bangkok!

First, look back at your work and estimate what percentage of this perfect day you already have.

Now make a list of the items you encircled with pen No. 2 and a separate list for the items with pen No.3.

Then write next to the list of things that are easily achievable, what you need to do to make them part of your life.  Finally, write next to the list that was circled with pen No. 3 what has to change so that they can become part of your life.

You may be pleasantly surprised by how much of this life is already there, or nearby!  If you feel none of it is feasible, why don’t you book an exploratory chat with me?!!

Lastly, as I said, this is my day for throwing the ball into your court.  If you have any topics that you would like me to research and write on – please send them this way!

Best wishes