As I complete another year of my Retirement,  I prepare to tick a HUGE item off my bucket list.  Over the next couple of weeks, I will complete my new home in the country and settle in.  I have been “in transit” for over a year since putting my city home on the market, when I started packing to move out to the country.  Now, as I am telling my friends, I have “transit fatigue’’,  I just want to get settled.

My creative energies have been focussed these past weeks on sorting out the glitches, pushing to get finished and planning where everything will fit.  It is a strange mixture of exhilaration and exhaustion.  We are down to the finishing touches, but unfortunately, there are still items that prevent the building inspector from signing off on the building and allowing me to fully settle.

I recently received this link in an email, and it really made me think.  Appreciation, Gratitude, Acceptance, all words that slip off the tongue, but do we ever stop to think about what they actually mean.

Check it out here:

Who has inspired you over the span of your life – why not let them know?   The only teacher who inspired me at school was my choir mistress and I continued singing with her on and off in various choirs until she was in her mid-70’s.

Inspired by the video, I would like to thank all of you who read my blogs and the couple who take the time to comment.  Each time I think about throwing it all in, I am motivated to continue, by comments from people who find my blogs interesting.

Because of all my current distractions, I have decided to take a break from my blog over the Festive Season  and recharge my passion for writing.

Thank you all, and here is wishing that things start to look up for us all in 2021

Best wishes