I may have been quiet for the past 3 weeks, but wow,  have I been busy?  Busy converting the information that I had prepared for my series of webinars into course format, and of course doing a number of webinars and summits packed with advice on exactly how to do that! I am starting with a pilot and I am launching it right here. You will have first option on the offer before I spread the advertising net wider after the weekend!

Registrants will get the unique opportunity to do the course with me and give feedback on the content as well as get help with your own situation in a group setting.  Because of this, I am only taking 8 people for the pilot study, so I can ensure that each person gets a chance to be heard.  If you miss this offer, you can catch it later but will have to book and pay for a session with me if you would like assistance.  The investment is $147 plus some of your time but you will leave with a clear idea of what you want to get out of retirement.

If you are interested in the course, please utilize the link above where you will find more information about the course, and all the details for registration. I hope to meet some of you at our first feedback session.

One facet of retirement for most of us is down-sizing. We seem to be programmed to hoard, but I have in the past few weeks embarked on decluttering my home.  I met someone last year who helps people declutter as a business and I was intrigued. But last weekend I ditched theatre programmes dating back to my gap year in London in 1971!  I have not looked at them since I put them in the box probably 30+ years ago!  The fact that I saw Kiri te Kanawa in her debut at Covent Garden (not knowing what a star she was to become) was documented, but is it important now???  I am hoping it will result in feeling lighter – but I still have a lot of junk to go through!  How important are the letters from your first boyfriends – one of my dearest childhood friends died this year and I so enjoyed reading his letters? In other words, I don’t have an answer. Do you?

Hope to see some of you on the course, but if not, will chat again in a few weeks.

Best wishes,