I have spent the last couple of weeks packing up a second house that I have owned in the country for the past 12 years.   The problem is that I have already reduced my living space in the city because I am renting out my guest room and study to supplement my retirement income.  So where to put all the possessions from the second home?

The answer seems to lie in letting go.  If I am NOT ready to let go, I will have difficulty decluttering or even down-scaling.  A couple of years ago on the networking circuit I met someone who runs a business simply helping people declutter.  At the time, I thought it was an interesting concept, but I would probably will not need his services!  So, this past Saturday morning I arrived back in the city with a van packed full to every corner bar the front seats which I left open for myself and the dogs!  I unpacked the few items that I had already planned space for, and then I resorted to a large pile on the floor in the middle of the room.

What followed started to feel like spring cleaning fever had hit me.  There was one antique yellow wood chest that I had picked up at an Antique fair ever so many years ago that I was hanging on to.  But when I stood over it, I realized that there was no good reason to keep it.  I have my mother’s camphor chest that I want to keep as it evokes strong memories of my childhood.  The camphor chest is much bigger and far more effective for storing linen.  And so I came to the decisions that the yellow wood chest needs to move on.

Then it felt like the wool started to unravel.  I started to look at other things in a different light.  Now, I thought, the pile is too big for me to sell online, item by item.  So I went to the computer to search for car boot sales that I could go to!  Mid-winter, not much there.  Instead, I kept seeing sites that offer help with decluttering or moving on.  So, now it is Monday morning and I am putting out feelers…..

As an aside, on Saturday evening, I even got round to repairing the crocheted bedspread that I lovingly made when I was at university.  I would like somebody else to use and enjoy it, whereas I have it stored out of sight, in a cupboard.  Do you remember the era of chocolate and cream?  Well, in those days I had the chocolate duvet cover and made the cream, crocheted bedspread to go over it!!

Saturday evening, despite the growing pile in the middle of the floor, I felt so much lighter!

And so it is that this blog will have to be serialized.  Next time I will in a position to tell you how I manage to get rid of all the “Stuff”!

In the meantime I would like to thank those of you who so kindly wrote a review for my book!   I need to warn you that tomorrow the $1 launch price will en and the book will go up to full price.  If you were thinking about getting to it, you have till midday Tuesday!