The first week or so of being at home was great as I plunged into activities that I enjoy, but with the announcement of a two-week extension on our original three weeks here in South Africa, I have struggled with motivation.  I live alone and have come to fully understand that Whatsapp chats and zoom meetings are not the same as contact with other physical beings.  My weekly trips to re-stock provisions are fraught with anxiety about getting home to a clean environment as soon as possible, so cannot be utilized as a substitute.

Originally it was enough for me to have a daily routine – some Pilates online, another online programme with a cardio session, keeping to mealtimes and above all, keeping myself busy. But somehow in week 3 keeping busy has not been enough.  I find myself reflecting on life in general and where I am headed, let alone the wider concepts of which hole the world is heading down.

I have just finished listening to a marvellous webinar on climate change and where it fits into all this.  The speakers, big names in climate activism, stressed that if we do not use the opportunity to change the way we run the world, much will be lost.  It was hoped the 2008 crash would change our thinking regarding capitalism, but nothing happened, so here we are presented with another opportunity – will we use it?  It is not yet up online, or I wold post the link here, but those familiar with Daily Maverickcan watch out for it.

This self-reflection, however, is helping me realise that I need to work with people.    I thrive on belonging to a group, I need to be working around developing people and nurturing them on their respective journies.   Have you had an opportunity to see the real essence now that the “noise” around you has subsided? (The physical noise has not subsided – I live near two freeways that are arterial routes, so they are not silent, and some of my Whatsapp groups are incessantly posting!!) But, I have so much more time to simply think and listen to my heart about what it is that I still want to do with my life.

I was posting earlier today on a facebook page I run for another aspect of coaching.  I have been talking about Resilience there – the ability to bounce back.  I realised as I was posting that I need to revisit the concept of Ikigai that I use in my coaching.  If you are not familiar with the term, I invite you to visit an earlier blog of mine here.

Share with us your thoughts on the effect the virus and the resultant Lockdown are having on your thoughts.  I would love to hear how you are dealing with it.

I look forward to hearing from you, and above all, stay well,