Well, we thought Summer was on its way and then we had a little backlash of Winter and soon Summer returned!  The road to Retirement is often the same.  We think we are on track and then comes a knock that sends us hurtling backwards.  I suppose I could say that is life, but I want to add that without a map, the road to a blissful retirement can be full of setbacks and cul de sacs.  If you enjoy exploring all the little side-routes then you can sit back and enjoy the ride, but for most of us, the direct route is usually the most comfortable.

So what should be included in your Retirement plan?

  • A plan for how you will structure your time :

A global vision would include for example 30% of my time will be working for remuneration, 30% will be socializing, 30% for Exercise/Sport/Fitness and 10% for Relaxing with friends.

A more detailed vision will break down how you want to structure your week or even your days.

For this, it is important to prioritize what kind of activities will give your life meaning

  • A plan for social interaction:

Now that you are no longer part of a work community or network, where are you going to get the kind of input that builds you up, supports you, and gives you the feeling of connection that feeds us all?  Some people have always had a wide social circle, but many like me, had a small circle of friends while they were working as they didn’t have the time for more.  You may need to widen this circle to replace the support you received from work colleagues.

  • A plan for stimulation :

How will you get the variety and stimulation that stretches your brain and makes your life interesting?  For some it is in a job, others it may be a competitive sport, yet others it could be further study.

  • A list of places to go for Growth and Contribution:

If you are not growing, you are dead.  Have you ever watched a plant in your garden, when it stops growing, it dies?  So, where are you going to find opportunities to grow?  We also want to feel we touched this earth in some way while we lived on it – a sense of contribution.  Will it be through volunteering or will it be through your spiritual life, or yet something else that you will contribute?

  • A plan for maintaining your health and fitness to stave off deterioration as you age:

Whether this is joining a hiking club or a gym, or even simply trying to eat more healthily and get enough sleep, it is important to think about how you are going to maintain your health.  As with the body, the brain needs stimulation to remain young and clear for longer.

These are just some of the things we will be discussing in my workshop on the 13th of November in Cape Town. See the details here.  If you are not in Cape Town, please let me know if you are interested, because I am planning to move it online over a series of Saturday mornings, early in 2022.