By now most people have discarded their New Years’ resolutions and continued with their old patterns of living. Why do most people not stick to their resolutions – they seldom write them down, read them regularly and break them down into small manageable steps which are easy to achieve. So they are easy to make and to forget!

For many years now I have not even bothered to make resolutions – I have simply shrugged it off and said ” I don’t do that”, because I knew I wouldn’t keep to them. That was until I discovered Life Coaching, and came to realise how powerful goal-setting can be in getting one’s life off the ground!

Setting Goals or Resolutions is what Coaching is all about. In your first Life Coaching session you will set Goals – we then break those down into smaller steps called Milestones, which we break down each session into perfectly manageable Action steps. The next 8 sessions are devoted to looking at the obstacles to achieving your goals – such as disempowering Beliefs which we often carry with us from childhood, your Values system which usually comes from our families and our Basic Human Needs. Wewill work on re-aligning these so that they empower you to go all out and achieve your Goal. The Action steps each week will set you in motion and it is amazing how empowering this feels.

Why not give it a try???