I do not want to add to the hype around the Coronavirus and I am not qualified to talk on the topic.  Currently, I find myself devoting energy to keeping the anxiety, even panic at bay as we are bombarded on every front with advice, scaremongering and new protocols.

So I have made a conscious decision to devote my blog to something different, as a diversion.   Last week I spent s time watching a summit called “Transitioning into Retirement”,  presented by a Retirement coach in the US called Marianne Oehser.  One of her speakers, Paul Long, caught my attention and I have opted to follow him online.  I found this interesting clip on his site.  To take a look, click here   

Have you decided how you want to spend your retirement?   I know I am so enjoying following my passions – maybe my retirement coaching business is not that successful, but I am now exploring a new niche (Coaching for Health Professionals) in the hope that this will be easier to market.  I know that my purpose in life is to develop people or to nurture them as they develop.  This is what ignites my passion, and if I look back on the many and varied jobs I have held in my career – all the jobs I loved involved nurturing and developing people.  And the jobs I couldn’t wait to leave were where that was thwarted.

Do you have any idea what ignites you?  As long as I feel am able I have every intention of following my passion and purpose.    Coronavirus will hopefully be a brief detour along the long road that is life, and once it has passed we will pick ourselves up and get back on the main road again.  We, humans, are very resilient and that is what we need to remember.

Best wishes and keep yourself well,