Hilary Henderson

Hilary H pic


B.Sc Occupational Therapy


New Insights Certified Coach


Hilary’s Experience:

My first career was in Occupational Therapy. Here I moved from being a clinician on the acute
Psychiatric wards of Jo’burg General and Groote Schuur Hospitals to lecturing at the University of
Cape Town. My first major pivot was when I signed up to do an MBA, which launched me into
opening an OT Private Practice, followed by starting and running my own Guest House and
conference rooms, with a short spell in Management Consulting in between. Another major pivot
was my attempt at establishing an exotic mushroom farm which never got off the ground,
sandwiched between spells in the non-profit sector in management and fundraising. My wide
variety of experience and the many pivots I have made puts me in a good position to understand
what others are experiencing.


Why choose NuHorizons?

I was catapulted into retirement on my 60 th birthday when my job became untenable, so I embarked
on a journey to become a life coach. It was a major pivot for me, but not my first. I had landed in
retirement with no preparation and quickly learned this was not ideal. Writing a book about
retirement planning was a strategy to help me understand the transition on several levels and has
taken me on a journey of developing a passion for helping people ensure that their final act is the
best stage of their lives.

I started as a Retirement coach, but through my work have come to realise
that few of us reaching 60/65 want to stop working, we rather want a new way to work. Be that
starting a small business, joining the Gig economy or consulting where we have the expertise; many
do it for the income but for some, it is more about having a purpose. This change of direction is not
exclusive to retirement, but I am in a position to offer to be the pivot for anyone seeking new