I received a neighbourhood newsletter yesterday that announced 34 days to Xmas. I jolted, not because it was so near, but 35 days seems like a long way off when the retail hype is in full swing, menus being planned by my family and shopping well under way!

But that got me to thinking that the year is drawing to a close and I would like to take this opportunity to share with you an insight that occurred for me. The other day, I pulled out the goals that I had set for myself in January. I have achieved NOT ONE item on the list! My reflex reaction in the past has always been to chastise and berate myself and feel depressed about my lack of success in this achievement-driven society of ours.

Instead, a friend pointed out to me what I HAVE ACHIEVED. For example, I may not have achieved a successful webinar series, but I have gained a wealth of experience in the do’s and don’t’s of running webinars, and the knowledge that this is not the space I really want to work in. (As a coach, talking to yourself on a computer screen on a regular basis is very spooky. We tend to prefer real interactions) I have therefore moved towards putting the material online in course format with optional live sessions with me, to pull everything together. As a by-product I have also gained extensive knowledge on how to use social media for small business. And I have been forced to become quite adept at a range of computer software packages and the language that goes with them, at times feeling more like a computer technician than a Life Coach.

All this takes me back again and again to the simple phrase – is your glass half full or half empty? In the society in which we live, where we tend to measure success by achievement, it is so easy to fall prey to seeing your glass as half empty. This is exacerbated when we measure our successes against those around us! So, how do we find contentment and feel at peace when all this is happening in our lives? Seeing the glass half full is a simple matter of choice.

As we reach the end of the year, let us rather therefore look at what we have learned and taken on, the friendships made, what we have completed; and then measure our progress on the path of life.
It remains for me to ask – what have you learned this year? Have you moved on the path to achieving your dream retirement?

Best wishes,