Seven years after I walked out of my last job I am edging ever closer to my retirement dream.  The end is in sight.  Why am I sharing this with you?  Because, if I had planned it would not have taken 7 years to achieve.  Okay, I was caught unawares when what I believed to be my last job turned sour and I walked out at 60, instead of staying till 65.

It would have been faster with a plan

So, what have I achieved in the past few years that I could have done earlier with planning – well, I could have qualified as a Life Coach while I was still working, as I studied by correspondence.  I might not have ended up as a Retirement coach, but I would have at least started marketing my coaching practice before I left work.

What I have achieved over the past couple of years certainly was not in my plan when I left work, but has evolved fortuitously with amazing synchronicity.  It was at a Meetup lunch for over 60’s that I met someone who planted the seed for moving out of the city.  I grew up on a farm and have always loved wide open spaces, peace as well as working the land.

Moving to the country

The route took some detours, but just under two years ago I came to McGregor and fell in love with the only plot the agent showed me.  From there things fell into place.   My house in the city went on the market, plans for the new house were drawn up, builders sourced and as we went into the Lockdown last March, we started excavating for the foundations.  I managed to finally sell the city house as the builders emerged from Lockdown and they were ready to throw the slab as I settled into my rented house directly behind the building site.

I moved into the new house in time for Xmas and the hottest season of the year.  Gardening was a challenge in the heat, but we spent the time erecting shade cloth and fencing for the vegetable garden, as well as settling my chickens to prepare the soil for me.  Now that the first winter rains have arrived, the plants that have struggled through the hot and dry summer months are simply shooting ahead.  And the rewarding work of planting my first vegetables has begun.  It will be a steep learning curve, but I have found others embarking on the same journey, so we can grow and learn together.

Back to my coaching business

Since the beginning of the year, I have also returned to putting more effort into marketing my coaching business which has taken a backseat during the above changes.

You too can have your dream life in Retirement

I enjoy change and thrive on planning so this has been an exhilarating time for me.  Many people do not find these radical shifts easy, but there are many possibilities of finding your dream retirement without making such major changes and that is where we focus during Retirement coaching.  Please contact me if you too would like to find your Retirement Dream Life.

Hope to hear from you soon