I find it hard to believe it is a full month since I last wrote.  I have been immersed in preparing for my Retirement workshop next week as well as trying to get on top of another small job with a pretty steep learning curve, so time is flying by.  And then, with the rainy season upon us, there seems to be a lot of preparation to be done in the garden.  But hey, I am harvesting my sugar peas now and have just picked a large head of broccoli.  That, together with eating and selling fresh eggs is a wonderful feeling.

But then, I just love being busy.  It makes me feel that my life has a purpose.  That is what we are looking for in Retirement, isn’t it? I have been writing recently about restoring the structure in our lives when we retire, and I realised that all these little jobs give me exactly that.  By filling my days and helping me establish a routine, they give my life meaning.  Research shows that Meaning in Life is associated with mental health and even longevity

We are currently living in times of unprecedented uncertainty and that is why the need for routine,  structure and meaning is even more pertinent right now.  Many people are living in a constant state of fear because we have no idea what is around the corner. So, we need to look to the basics to create certainty in our lives. There is no point in expending energy worrying over the future when we don’t know what it is going to look like, so we may as well look after the present.

And what better way to remain in a Mindful state than to immerse oneself in meaningful activities.  Mindful refers to staying in the present, not expending all your energy on worrying about what you cannot control in either the past or the future.

I wrote earlier in the year about how my retirement dream is starting to fall into place, and I think this blog has clarified for me that a great part of my sense of emotional well-being is because my life is starting to have a deeper meaning.

Where are you on your Retirement Journey?  Are you finding your life has Purpose and Meaning, or are you worried that when you Retire you might struggle?  If so, please connect with me to see if I can help.  My workshop starting on the 13th has Purpose and Meaning as the underlying theme, and there is still time to reserve a spot.  You can read more about it here:

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