An Online Course starting on Wednesday 11th October, 2017 at 19h00

On this course You will learn how to adjust smoothly to retirement


This is the time when you can draw on the wisdom and experience that you have banked over the years and make life really work for you


Retirement is NOT about growing old, it is about maturing gracefully into Elderhood and getting time to do the things you have always promised yourself


You have a 50% chance of living for another 30 years – do you want to die of boredom or depression before your time?


I will show  you how you can take retirement with both hands and turn it into the best phase of your life


Let me help you find what it is that you really enjoy about life and how you can make it an everyday occurrence


If that is what you want for your life, sign up here to register for my course, starting Wednesday 11th October at 19h00
For this once-off special offer of $97 you will get:
  • A weekly training session with me on 4 consecutive Wednesdays, starting 11th October


  • If you book on or before the 1st October you will also get a  bonus  40-minute one-to-one session with me, looking at your own particular situation.

What you need to do is :


Commit to a weekly training session (if you cannot make the allotted time, pick up the replays at a time that does suit you)
Spend some time on introspection and planning between sessions
and make the investment of $97 OR ZAR970 today.