Trawling the net looking for information to use for blogs, I came upon this interesting article about the strain that retirement puts on relationships.  Some interesting statistics:  In a study of 660 retired people in the UK, eight out of ten discovered that they didn’t share the same hobbies or interests any more.  Four in ten admitted to having to learn to live with each other again once their children left home.   29% found that they didn’t have the same expectations as each other in their retirement.

And this is the period of our lives that most people do the same amount of planning for, as they do for a two week holiday??

There is so much advice on how to do the financial planning – but whether or not that has been adequately put in place, there are so many other facets that need to be looked at.

Another article called Planning for your Retirement: Strategies that work,   mentions thinking about HOW you want to live when you retire, this needs to be done well BEFORE the actual retirement date.  So many people look forward to their retirement, mistakenly believing it will be a time when they can do what they wish.  Oops – planning is also essential if you want to make this work in your favour.

Take retirement seriously – it is never too early to start planning!!

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