In my last newsletter I talked about using my hindsight to help you.

Looking back I realise it is all in the planning.  If I had my ducks in a row before I retired I would not be sitting 4 years into retirement still working at getting my coaching business off the ground!  Much of the work could have been done BEFORE I retired, while I still had a regular income.

That is why I have put together my course titled : Make Retirement Work for YOU.

The course consists of a series of video’s outlining exercises which you do with the aid of a workboook.  You are guided through a process that helps you work out your priority areas and what you value about life.  You will learn how to regain the balance in your life once you take full-time work out of the equation and we end with an exercise for finding out what would give your life purpose.

To find out more, watch the first video here :