If nothing else, the sustained Lockdown has given me time to think.  At times I fear I have had too much time to think, but now my efforts seem at last to be consolidating.  It is a wonderful feeling when things start to come together.  After many years of marketing myself as a Retirement coach, I have decided to broaden my horizons (pun intended) and brand myself as a Pivot Coach.

Pivot is a buzz word that I heard used in this context for the first time a month or so back.  So what does it mean?  A pivot is that central point or pin on which a mechanism turns.   I have for many years referred to the Kodak case, where they went bust because they did not change with the times at the start of digital photography.  A few weeks ago I was intrigued to read that Kodak has now finally “pivoted” during the pandemic and reverted to making chemicals for the pharmaceutical industry.  The by-product was that their share price rose 2,114%!  (Not bad even if it was off a very low base)

In my retirement coaching I have pitched myself as an anchor from where people can plan their new lifestyle in retirement, and for most people that has hinged around continuing to work in a different format.  My months of thinking has brought me seeing that this transition is the same for retrenchment, and can in fact be extrapolated for anyone wanting to shift the direction of their life.

So, for me, the term Pivot Coach was born.  According to Google, the idea is not new, but it aligns well with my logo of NuHorizons, and the timing feels right for me.  The core of my coaching will not change much, but I can offer it to a much wider audience.  I want to move away from the dreaded word Retirement that seems to conjure up pictures of old age homes, walking frames, lack of purpose  and a mentality of hoarding money in case it won’t last.  I have searched for an alternative to describe the transition we make in our 60’s, but failed to find one that has meaning for me.

I would really love to hear from you, my readers out there.  What are your thoughts?  I have changed directions so many times in my career that it is not a big thing for me, but I know that for some it is a huge step.

Keep well,