7 Questions To Answer Before You Turn 65

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Your Essential Retirement Resource Book

As I embarked on my career as a Retirement coach I explored the available resources and found very little that was not pertaining exclusively to financial planning. Wearing my Occupational Therapist hat I set about writing about quality of life in retirement, in the holistic sense. In the book I pose this question – how ready are you for Retirement? I don’t just mean financially ready, but have you thought through the following?:

  • Where you would like to be living when you start to become frail?
  • How do you plan to turn your carefully saved pension into a sustainable income?
  • If your pension income is too little to maintain your lifestyle, what are your alternatives?
  • Organising your life to have structure and purpose once the honeymoon phase has worn off?
  • Do you have plans to make sure you remain healthy as long as possible?

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“I recently turned 46 years old and I found myself worrying a lot about retirement.  Then I came across your book “ 7 Questions to answer before you turn 65”, it has been so enlightening. It put a lot of the questions I had into perspective. Needless to say, now I am no longer worried about retirement, instead I am aware of what is to come and happy to put plans in place so that I can embrace it fully when it comes.  Thank you for writing this book.”       Buyiselwa