Checking back I see I have been writing my blog on making the best of your Retirement for close to 5 years.  A strong theme of my blogs is that in this period of our lives, most of us have the opportunity to do what ignites us, what we are passionate about and what we love doing.    That has certainly been my mantra, which is why on this auspicious day – the 11th of the 11th month – I am reviewing what I should continue doing and what needs to be dropped to make space for new things that light me up.

As I lay in bed thinking about the day ahead this morning, I saw the reason why I have been procrastinating on the writing of my November blog.  On the 1st Monday, I was doing my civic duty as an observer at the elections, so I had a valid excuse.  But all the subsequent days I saw could put down to feeling uncreative and when I explored it I realised that putting my thoughts out there to a bunch of people – on average 5 who actually open the full blog  – is wearing me down and I need to move on to more inspiring activities.

So, for those who find my newsletters interesting, I apologise in advance, but there are plenty of past editions to page through.  But, I have to announce that this short note will be my last.  Who knows where I will pop up next time, so watch out, I may be back, but definitely in a different format.  But, for now, I need to move on.

Thanks to all those who read the full blog – you are the only ones who will see this announcement, and for your occasional comments I am extremely grateful.  I have learned much by honing my thoughts to put them on paper (aka the Net) for you.  Especially to Paddy who chirps regularly – mostly on private emails, keeping me on my toes!

May you come to appreciate the freedom of Retirement in the same way I have.  I have found it to be a time to put behind us all those insecurities and frustrations of childhood, young adult years and mid-life and simply get down to doing what I do best and love most.

Please feel free to contact me should you ever want to chat through your Retirement plans.  I am on

All of the best,