I am excited to share with you another piece of the jigsaw that makes up my Retirement Dream.   In August, I will be running a weekend Workshop on Retirement Planning at the beautiful Temenos Retreat Centre here in McGregor on the edge of the little Karoo.   You can expect a fun-filled weekend where you will meet others looking towards their Retirement.  A series of exercises will help you pull the different aspects of your life into a plan that will ensure that Life in Retirement is Meaningful, Relevant and has a Purpose.  (See the details in the link below)

Couples need to plan together

Talking to a friend the other day about the workshop she said something about her parents’ retirement that got me thinking.  Her father had a management post high up in a big corporation and so her mother had the status of ‘Manager’s wife.   When he retired, he found his purpose in consulting for the firm, but she lost her identity.  I have spoken in the past about the wife who has her own life and is anxious about a newly retired husband upsetting that routine, I hadn’t thought about the spouse getting lost in the retirement process.

But, how many spouses have an unacknowledged status through their partner’s job?  Think pastor’s wife, Headmaster’s wife, MP or Minister’s wife/husband to mention a few.  And to avoid being sexist we have an increasing number of female Prime Ministers globally – what happens to their husbands?

This only serves to reinforce that I feel strongly with approaching retirement couples need to plan together.  I wrote some time back about ‘Grey Divorce’ statistics being on the rise, and the above example can turn into a classic breeding ground for divorce.   This is why I am offering a special rate for couples at the workshop, so they can plan together!

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Read all about the workshop here and contact me to reserve your spot.